We have over 40+
years experience.

Jon Coultrup’s career began in real estate land acquisition for a major developer in Southern California. In 1986 he built his own real estate development company, and oversaw all aspects of residential and commercial real estate development and financing. During this time, Jon also created a mortgage division to service his condominium developments. Today, he provides financial and credit consulting with an emphasis on credit repair.

Our Mission

Agent Credit Repair is designed to enhance credit scores in about 35 days, ensuring our clients can gain approval for strong credit profile items, including home, auto, appliances, and credit cards.

Our Vision

Agent Credit Repair is dedicated to providing coaching, education, and repair to create beneficial futures for our clients. At Agent Credit Repair, we believe financing and excellent credit are the backbone of successful companies and is essential for individuals looking to enhance their life.

Jon Coultrup has over 40 years experience in the real estate and finance field. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California’s Leventhal School of Business and Real Estate, and has been a Real Estate Broker since 1979. Jon handles all calls to ensure each client receives personalized and expert credit repair coaching, education, and service. “It is essential to align with the best in the Real Estate industry-John McMonigle and his team at Agent Inc. are the perfect accompaniment to Agent Credit Repair.”

Credit Repair to Improve Your Credit Report and Credit Scores


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About Agent Credit Repair

Ron and Jill M.
Clients, Agent Credit Repair
Both our personal life and our business require we have great credit and Agent Credit Repair delivered. Most negative items came off in 35 days and the rest came off the following month. Our scores went up an average of 130 points.
Peter P.
Clients, Agent Credit Repair
I appreciated how clearly Jon explained the credit repair process. His coaching made all the difference. Now with my scores up and negative items removed, I feel a giant burden removed from my life. I can now walk in an apply for credit with confidence.
Bryce S.
Client, Agent Credit Repair
All negative items on my credit report were removed in just 30 days. Customer service was spot-on. I have been recommending Agent Credit Repair to my friends.