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Agent Credit Blueprint is designed to quickly and truly dial you in at the highest level possible with your Credit Report Profile. We tailor our Credit Report Blueprint process to meet your financial goals. Our services include a detailed breakdown and education process of what’s really happening on your credit report profile. We take the guess work out of the profile improvement process. Once you receive your customized blueprint you will understand everything you need to achieve your credit profile goals.
Agent Credit Blueprint is headquartered in Orange County and provides credit repair solutions to clients in all 50 states.

Our Blueprint Process


We’ll review your goals, educate you on what’s affecting your credit score, and create a plan to help you reach your lender credit score goals.


We’ll securely collect your personal documents and prepare your file for processing.


Your Credit Blueprint Specialist will prepare and present your Personalized Credit Blueprint; breaking down the steps we will take together on your credit profile improvement process.


Once your profile has reached the specific lender credit score goal, we will reach out to both you and your lender to move forward with your financial objectives.

Schedule a Consultation

Start with a Free Credit Analysis

Agent Credit Blueprint reviews your credit report with you to develop a plan to ensure the best possible results.
Understanding your credit situation removes confusion and clears the path to good credit practices.
No commitment is required and no inquiries will appear on your credit report.

Additional Essential Real Estate Services

Agent Credit Blueprint clients also have access to the entire Agent Inc. team who specialize in a variety of real estate services. Please see our Affiliates page to learn more.

Hear What People Are Saying
About Agent Credit Blueprint

Carlos H.
Client, Agent Credit Blueprint
I am happy to offer this testimonial for John Allen. I after the 2008 real estate crash my credit took a serious hit and I was seriously doubting ever being able to buy a house again. John skillfully walked me through the process of cleaning up my credit and within months I started to see real results! Needless to say everything John promised came true and as a result of his expertise I am now back on my feet with excellent credit and can't thank John for all his help, Thank you!
Jonathan T.
Client, Agent Credit Blueprint
I have a new house, a new car, and a new lease on life! John was phenomenal! John Allen has made a huge difference in my credit score. He has removed over 56% of negative items off of my credit report. It is worth the time and the money to use this service. I can't say enough positive things about this company. Thank you John, you have helped me in rebuilding my credit score.
Cynthia R.
Client, Agent Credit Blueprint
Without a doubt, my credit was 6 ways of awful. Started getting results much sooner than I thought. The portal made it mine and was easy to use! Held my hand every step of the way and educated me in the process to boot!
Walter R.
Client, Agent Credit Blueprint
Wow! Just wow guys!! I am very glad we did the second round. I will definitely be sending people your way with these results. Also, I am interested in the more advanced level of disputes. Can you please have Scott get in contact with me so we can discuss? Thanks for all your hard work guys.
Andrea A.
Client, Agent Credit Blueprint
John Allen saved my life! John gave me a second chance and a fresh start when I lost hope. I always had wonderful credit and then during the recession around 2008-2009 I was going through a divorce and had to short sell my property. My credit took took a hard hit. I never thought that would happen to me as I had always had excellent credit. Life happens and John A. gave me my life back. I am eternally grateful!
Elaine L.
Client, Agent Credit Blueprint
When the recession hit, I lost my job, my home, it was awful. This awesome company restored my scores. Also, I had to file bankruptcy. Now, that is off my credit. I was able to get $35,000 dollars in business funding, a new BMW, and a 4-bedroom beautiful home. I'm super excited about what this company is doing to change lives, because I know where I was and where I'm at now. I've been in quite a few credit restoration programs, but the professionalism, accuracy, how things came off, it was just awesome! I just love this company and I highly recommend it.
Derek C.
Client, Agent Credit Blueprint
My name is Derek C. I just want to tell you a little bit about John Allen and how he saved my life. In 2008, when the crash happened I lost everything. Credit was bad, I had a lot of homes, and all of those went into foreclosure. I didn't know what I was going to do. John Allen came in and told me what he could do, and a lot of people with credit repair say they can do things but they never follow through. Well, He's not one of those. He came through and took me from 490 to over 700 within about 60 days in his Executive program. Since then, I've been able to get back on top. I have multiple properties now, because he fixed my credit and gave me an opportunity to make a lot of money again. Credit is so important, and he is saving people's lives through saving their credit. I just want to say, thank you John for everything you do!
Darryl M.
Client, Agent Credit Blueprint
I was at a 520 credit score. I had been working with another company and they just didn't get the job done. Once I got with John Allen, my credit score was just going up every 3 months. I started at a 520 credit score, and end up with a 750 credit score. What that score allowed me to do was get personal funding and business funding of over $55,000 because of John. My credit was absolutely saved. I'm looking forward to getting even more money because of what John is teaching me. The professionalism, communication, education, information, and consultation is powerful. It's a very, very pleasant experience.
John M.
Client, Agent Credit Blueprint
I would recommend this reputable company to anyone who wants improvement on their credit and wants it in a timely manner. In a matter of one month I saw my credit score improve and four negatives were removed. They are the best!!!!
Ron and Jill M.
Clients, Agent Credit Blueprint
Both our personal life and our business require we have great credit and Agent Credit Blueprint delivered. Most negative items came off in 35 days and the rest came off the following month. Our scores went up an average of 130 points.
Jolene Mcveigh
Client, Agent Credit Blueprint
I recently started working with John Allen and his team and I am already SO happy that I did! They are working hard and have already made a positive impact on my credit report. They helped remove negative items from my credit report that shouldn't have been there. This directly caused an increase in my credit score! I called their customer support line the other day and they were easy to talk to, the guy was VERY friendly and easy to understand, and in a country full of terrible customer service, John's customer service definitely gets an A+! The price they ask for their services is more than fair. I am very pleased with the service that I have received so far and I will definitely recommend them to my friends.
Peter P.
Client, Agent Credit Blueprint
I appreciated how clearly John explained the credit repair process. His coaching made all the difference. Now with my scores up and negative items removed, I feel a giant burden removed from my life. I can now walk in and apply for credit with confidence.
Bryce S.
Client, Agent Credit Blueprint
All negative items on my credit report were removed in just 30 days. Customer service was spot-on. I have been recommending Agent Credit Blueprint to my friends.